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Mini Tarts are the BEST!

Whether for a party, tea, family dessert or a well-deserved mid-afternoon indulgence, these 10 easy mini tart recipes are sure to please!

The 10 two-bite mini tarts in this free ebook embrace flavors from around the world, including matcha, treacle, and creme fraiche.

Looking for a super quick mini tart?
Try the English Jam tarts!

Want something a little different?
The Honey Goat Cheese tarts are for you!

Craving chocolate?

Give the Hazelnut Ganache or Brazilian Brigaderio tarts a try!

My favorite? It's so hard to choose, because they're all divine, but if you twisted my arm I'd say the Treacle Tarts.

Or the Fresh Lemon Curd Tarts.

Or the London Fog.

Or the French Apple Pecan Tarts.

Gah! They're ALL so good!!

Even better? All 10 mini tarts use the same delicious almond shortbread crust! Of course, if you have a favorite short crust recipe, feel free to use it.

I hope you enjoy these 10 Mini Tart recipes as much as I do! Enjoy!

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You'll be making delicious mini tarts in no time!