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Hello! I’m Cate, and I help busy bakers make international desserts, sweets, and snacks that get lots of oooohhhs and ahhhhhs from family and friends.

Before I was a baker and dessert-maker, I taught German, a language my students found intimidating. So my goal was to make learning German achievable and even fun – because German is a fascinating language and a thrill to speak!

It’s the same here at IDB. Busy home bakers might think that making clotted cream from scratch, classic German cheesecake or Australian pavlova are intimidating, and it’s my goal to make it fun and achievable.

Because I want you to get ALL of the oooohhhs and awwwwes from family and friends that you deserve!

I make a lot of European recipes (especially German) because that’s what I’m most familiar with. But I’m always experimenting and learning about sweet treats from all over the world.

I’ve learned a lot about baking international treats over the years and I look forward to sharing my recipes, experiences, and troubleshooting tips with you!

A little more about me…

  • I grew up in Oregon and spent some of my teens and 20s living in Germany. I LOVED living abroad and missed Europe terribly when I moved back to the US. I go back as often as possible.
  • My career in international education has taken me to Europe, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia, and all over North America.
  • I’m a late-bloomer when it comes to baking. Besides cakes in my Easy Bake Oven and the odd batch of chocolate chip cookies, I had zero interest in cooking or baking while growing up!
  • I have a PhD in German Applied Linguistics (I’m a huge language nerd) and have taught at 4 universities in the US and Germany.
  • I currently live in sunny North Carolina with my husband, Aaron. We’re always simultaneously planning our next home renovation and trip abroad.
  • I bake in a kitchen straight out of the late 1970s. I love to travel so I’ve put off a kitchen reno for YEARS! So you probably won’t see any pics of me in my kitchen for a couple more years. 😉
  • I recently got back on Instagram – come hang out with me here!

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