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I’m so glad you’ve decided to join my international desserts quest. It’s going to be a sweet adventure, and I’m happy you’re along for the ride.

I’ve got lots of recipes and travel articles on IDB and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. So I’ve created a little guide to help you navigate IDB if it’s your first time here. Right now I’ve got three main content areas: recipes, travel, and guides + reviews.

1. Recipes


These recipes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! The most popular recipes on my site are the German dessert recipes, like “Bee sting” cakecrustless quark cheesecake, and Rote Grüzte with fresh cream. No surprise there, because they’re freaking awesome. Germany really knows how to dessert!

If you’re looking for a healthier dessert, I recommend German blackberry quark, French chocolate mendiants or hot Dutch fresh mint tea. I also have recipes for delicious “basics” that will take everything you make and eat to a whole new level, like European cultured butter, homemade creme fraiche, no-fail lemon curd, and vanilla bean sugar.

If you’re looking for holiday desserts, you’ll want to add these to your dessert table: German Christmas bread (Stollen), Dutch speculaas spice mix, mini British mince pies, surprisingly easy chocolate French yule log cake, and the best Danish crunchy caramel nut cookies you’ll ever eat.

Here are some other popular recipes to get you started:

You can also explore recipes by country or type of dessert in the main navigation bar. If there’s a recipe you’re looking for but can’t find, let me know and I’ll help you located it.

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2. Travel

Itching to travel? These articles will feed your wanderlust (and I’ve got lots more travel content planned)! If you’re thinking about traveling to Germany, start your trip planing here. If Iceland is on your radar, start with this article. If you’re looking for the perfect travel purse, read my travel purse review here.

And if you’re wondering what to eat while traveling, take a look at these articles…


3. Guides + Reviews

Need the perfect gift for a foodie friend? Wonder which travel items you actually need (and which you can leave at home)? Check out these articles:

Hey, don’t forget to download your free European Christmas Cookies and Mini Tarts ebooks!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here. I’d love to hear from you!


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