5 Easy International Food Gifts (to DIY or Buy)

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Looking for an easy yet unique foodie holiday gift? Tired of the same old cake/brownie/hot chocolate DIY gifts in jars recipes? Like the idea of international gifts or homemade gifts with mason jars — but need new ideas?

Look no further!

I’ve got five easy and delicious homemade food gifts in jars ideas that your foodie friends, family, and colleagues will love. Using my ideas below, you can easily create your own (inexpensive) international food gift baskets using the simple good food ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Have fun making these creative DIY Chrismtas gifts for family, coworkers, friends, grandparents, and teachers. These easy holidayfood in a jar gifts are unique and make great party favors or Secret Santa gifts. If you're on a budget, take a look at how to make these delicious food gift recipes.#diygifts #christmasgifts #intldessertsblog

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I make each of these delicious food gifts for myself all the time, and I just got to thinking about how awesome they’d each be as gifts!

The first three ideas are things you can easily and quickly make at home and then pack into cute jars to give as gifts. The last two are even easier to put together (no baking, cooking or even mixing required)! And if you find you just don’t have time to DIY a foodie gift, no problem. I’ve got 3 easy gift ideas for you.

These five food gift ideas make perfect…

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Be sure to make up a gift basket for yourself!!

International Food Gift #1 – English Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is one of the most popular recipes on the IDB! And for good reason; Golden Syrup is an English classic. It also makes for a unique, delicious, and inexpensive holiday gift. If you have sugar, water, and a slice of lemon you can make up a batch of Golden Syrup (be sure to keep some for yourself). Then pour the Golden Syrup into cute jars, add a splash of festive washi tape, a bow or a card and you’ve got a tasty holiday gift for the foodie in your life.

What you need to make this DIY gift in a jar:

Make your gift even better by adding this Lyle’s Golden Syrup e-cookbook!

No time to make Golden Syrup? Gift a bottle of authentic Lyle’s Golden Syrup instead!

International Food Gift #2 – Dutch Speculaas Spice Mix

Dutch Speculaas Spice is a fragrant Christmas spice mix that you can mix up in less than two minutes. A combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and other common spices, Speculaas spice can used in Dutch Windmill cookies, and can be used in place of pumpkin spice or plain old cinnamon in cookies (I added some to chocolate chip cookies and omg, so good!), cakes, pancakes, waffles, scones, and more.

What you need to make this gift in a jar: 

Make your gift even better by adding a cute teaspoon for measuring out the spice!

No time to make Dutch Speculaas spice mix? Gift a box of Dutch Stroopwafels instead!

International Food Gift #3 – Vanilla Bean Sugar

Vanilla bean sugar is to die for! I use it all. the. time. Vanilla bean sugar has a richer flavor than vanilla extract and you don’t need to use very much – I make one batch and use it all year. I use vanilla bean sugar in coffee, tea, oatmeal, whipped cream, fruit salad, cookies, cakes, and more. Because vanilla bean sugar uses a vanilla bean, this gift is a little more expensive than the others but a little goes a long way so one small jar will last quite a while.

What you need to make this gift in a jar: 

Make your gift even better by adding a cute teaspoon for measuring out the spice!

No time to make Vanilla Bean Sugar? Gift a bottle of vanilla bean paste instead!

International Food Gift #4 – London Fog Tea Set

Have you ever had a London Fog tea latte? It’s SO good on a cold winter’s day! You simply brew half a cup of Earl Grey tea (make it strong) and then add half a cup of steamed milk and a touch of vanilla (I often use vanilla sugar). It’s a comforting, filling, and luxurious tea drink. I make it quite often on winter afternoons or evenings after dinner (I use Lady Grey or decaf Earl Grey in the evening). An easy way to give this gift is to place Earl Grey tea bags or loose leaf tea in a cute tea cup or mug with instructions for how to make a London Fog (see recipe link below).

What you need to make this gift in a jar: 

Make your gift even better by adding high quality loose leaf Earl Grey tea, a tea diffuser
or a tea cup with built-in diffuser, and a small container of vanilla bean sugar (see above)!

International Food Gift #5 – French Hot Chocolate

French hot chocolate is sinfully rich and decadent. It’s so simple to make, too, because there are only three ingredients: a dark chocolate bar, brown sugar, and milk (you can also add a splash of vanilla if you’d like). While you could give this gift in a jar, a mug might be more apropos. Or maybe a mason jar mug? An easy way to give this gift is to place a chocolate bar in a cute mug with instructions for how to make French Hot Chocolate (see recipe link below). Who wouldn’t love getting a mug full of chocolate?

What you need to make this gift in a jar/mug: 

Make your gift even better by adding this Paris Bonjour mugthis cute “whisk taker” mug or this baking one!

No Time to Make a Gift?

No worries! Here are 3 gifts you can order in less than 5 minutes that the foodie in your life will love.

1. Dutch Stroopwafels

Click here to check out these authentic Dutch Stroopwafels!

2. Lyle’s Golden Syrup

Grab a bottle of Lyle’s Golden Syrup – or a tin of Golden Syrup, if you prefer a more traditional look.

3. Box of British Chocolate Bars

Click here to check out this awesome box of 10 British Chocolate Bars!

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