Icelandic Chocolate: 9 Sweets to Try (or Avoid!) in Iceland

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When I was in Reykjavik, Iceland last year I went to a store down the street from my hotel to pick up a few sweet treats to bring home to my husband. I imagined finding one or two unfamiliar candy or chocolate bars, so imagine my surprise when I found an entire aisle devoted to Icelandic candy, chocolate bars, and other sweets!

Seriously, there were like 50 different sweets to choose from in that tiny Icelandic grocery store.

I was in heaven!

As it turns out, import restrictions used to make foreign chocolate bars and sweets unavailable in Iceland. So they made their own!

Nowadays, however, you’ll find the typical Snickers, Milky Ways, and various European chocolate bars. You’ll also still find a huge selection of traditional Icelandic chocolate and other goodies.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

I had no idea what was in any of candy bars so I just randomly grabbed a bunch. Well, I grabbed the ones with names that sounded interesting. 😉

I was a little embarrassed to check out of the grocery store with a shopping basket full of chocolate, one banana, and a bottle of water…but so is the life of a food and travel blogger (haha). Later, I heard that Icelanders love their sweets, so you know, you do what you’ve gotta do to fit into the local culture.

Once back home in the US, my husband, Aaron, and I taste-tested each chocolate bar. Some were quite a surprise! Here’s a run-down of 9 Icelandic chocolate bars that we tried.

Icelandic Chocolate Review

A review of 9 Icelandic candy bars!

Icelandic Chocolate Bar #1: Lindu Buff

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

The Lindau Buff  is an Icelandic classic. It had a creamy inside and was covered in milk chocolate. The Buff was light but very sweet and tasted kinda like chocolate covered butter cream. It’s good that this candy bar is on the small side, because any larger and it would be too much to eat in one sitting. I thought the Buff was pretty good.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Icelandic Chocolate Bar #2: Hitt

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

This one was a surprise…I wasn’t expecting the large rope of black licorice (or liquorice!) on top of the caramel-y nougat-y filling!

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Evidently, licorice makes a frequent appearance in Icelandic chocolate bars. And, evidently, Icelanders find this combination of chocolate and licorice absolutely delicious.

I liked the licorice, and the nougat filling was ok (kinda tasted like a caramel power bar), but together? While I didn’t exactly hate it, I think Icelandic chocolate covered licorice is an acquired taste! ?

Maybe I just need to spend more time Iceland? This was one of the more interesting chocolate bars but my least favorite.

Icelandic Chocolate Bar #3: Bingo

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

No licorice in this one! I liked the small size of the Bingo candy bar, and it tasted pretty good, too. The soft chocolate inside was dense and tasted of faintly of coconut. Overall, the Bingo was very, very sweet. It wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t my least favorite.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Icelandic Candy Bar #4: Pristur

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

I wouldn’t have expected licorice to be in the Pristur Icelandic candy bar but there it is! There’s a layer of chocolate nougat but the bar is mostly comprised of 3 strings of black salty licorice (maybe that’s why the number 3 is all over the package?).

When Aaron tried the Pristur, he said it tasted like a Hoho with licorice. Although I actually do like salty licorice (I used to buy bags of it when I lived in Hamburg), I’m just not (yet) a fan of chocolate and salty licorice together.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Icelandic Chocolate Bar #5: Yankie

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Since I chose my Icelandic chocolate bars based on name alone, I had to buy the Yankie!

There was no licorice in this one (whew). I had a feeling this would be like a Milky Way, given the picture on the wrapper. And yep, it was an Icelandic Milky Way. But less sugary sweet than an American Milky Way. I liked that the Yankie had a strong caramel flavor.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Icelandic Candy Bar #6: Prins Xtra

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

This crunchy candy bar was just what it looks like in the photo below…layers of creamy chocolate and crunchy wafers covered in dark chocolate. The Prins was very light, not sugary sweet, and you could really taste the dark chocolate. I liked the Prins a lot.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Icelandic Chocolate Bar #7: Ris

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Did you guess that this Ris Icelandic candy bar would have some sort of puffed rice in it? I expected rice crispies but it was more like Kixx cereal covered in milk chocolate. I like crispies in my chocolate bars, so I liked Ris.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Icelandic Chocolate Bar #8: Duett

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Licorice and chocolate again! (You’ve probably figured out by now that “lakkris” is Icelandic for licorice.)  Needless to say, we weren’t immediate fans of this one.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

Iceland Chocolate Bar #9: Buffalo

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

More marshmallow! The Buffalo Icelandic candy bar is mostly vanilla flavored marshmallow covered in milk chocolate with a smattering of rice crispies. The Buffalo was sweeter than most of the other chocolate bars but not as sweet as the typical US candy bar. I don’t usually go for marshmallow anything but I did like the Buffalo.

9 Icelandic chocolate bars to try (or avoid)!

My favorite Icelandic chocolate bar?

Probably the Buffalo or the Prins Xtra.

Least favorite?

The ones with licorice. That said, I’m pretty sure I could develop a taste for chocolate and licorice with enough exposure!

I was surprised that there were no nuts in any of the chocolate bars. Maybe I just chose the nut-less ones? Now I’m wondering what all the other Icelandic chocolate bars are like…I should probably go back to Iceland to do more research, right?

Want to try Icelandic chocolate?

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Sirius chocolate covered licorice (liquorice) balls

Icelandic dark chocolate bar with sea salt

You can also get other flavors like coffee and milk, toffee, and caramel & milk

Icelandic chocolate & licorice variety pack

Not chocolate, but this Icelandic licorice salt looks interesting, doesn’t it? 

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I had a pit stop in Iceland and picked up a bag of Pristur, not knowing what it was. I thought it was absolutely delicious. I hope I can find a way to get it in the US. 🙂 I have never had chocolate and licorice together either but I think it’s divine!

  2. Thanks for this guide! I’m vacationing in Iceland now and today I bought a few bags of hard candy just to try them and I wanted to toss them. They were so salty and tasted like dirt mixed with a little sugar and some urine and a little bit of wasabi. I did not expect that. As soon as it got in my mouth I spit it out disgusted! Lol!
    IT IS AN ACQUIRED TASTE for some of their candies.

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