Meal Plan Like a Pro

👉 In Just 5 Minutes a Week! 👈

  • Do you want to meal plan but you feel too overwhelmed with everything you have to juggle each week?
  • Do you crave your favorite recipes but keep forgetting where they are?
  • Would you rather eat out when you want to, not because you have to?

If you've ever wanted to eat healthy meals, but can't seem to find the time or energy to meal plan, you're not alone!

A few years ago I was in your shoes.

That's why I created an Airtable template that will help you:

  • Easily access your favorite recipes, so you can always make family favorites.
  • Quickly create custom meal plans using your own recipes, so you can always answer the "what's for dinner" question.
  • Reduce overwhelm and decision fatigue, so you can spend less stressing about meal planning and more on what you enjoy.

This is the exact system I use to plan my meals in 5 minutes a week. And you can, too!


The Stick-With-It Meal Planning System for Airtable! 

Your ticket to healthier meals with a lot less stress.


Take the stress out of meal planning – in just a few minutes a week using a platform you already know and love!

Why Meal Plan with Airtable?

We all love cute printables, myself included. But if you want to stick with meal planning
long-term, you can't beat Airtable.

Easy to Get Started.

Transfer the Stick-With-It Meal Planning base to your Airtable account and you're ready to go!

Easy to Stick With.

Meal planning is easy to stick with long term when your recipe bank, meal plan & grocery list are in one place!

No Subscription.

Buy the Stick-With-It Meal Planning template once, use it forever!

Hi, I’m Cate, and I built this recipe organization and meal planning template for Airtable users.

Want to know why?

I longed to consistently make healthy meals at home.

But I'm busy!

I tried printables, calendars, and app subscriptions...but they took too much time to set up, weren't easy to use on my laptop and phone, and just didn't work with my eating preferences and family's dietary restrictions, so they never worked for me long-term.

As a result, I could never stick with meal planning for more than a few weeks.

I needed an easy system for meal planning using my own recipes that I could access on my phone, iPad, and laptop no matter where I was.

So I turned to my favorite tool: Airtable.

I've now been meal planning week after week for 3+ years!

A digital meal planning system that helps me be the home cook & baker I want to be.

And I believe it can do the same for you.

Not because I’m any sort of meal planning superhero...but because I created this tool after failing to stick with meal planning over and over.

After finally getting to the root of why I, and so many others, WANT to meal plan but struggle to stick with it, I created a template using the Airtable platform that makes meal planning using your own recipes so easy that it's a no-brainer to stick with.


This tool does the work for you.
Here’s how.

It’s powerful – but it only takes a few minutes a week to use its full meal planning potential.

Step 2. Add Recipes to Your Meal Plan  

Plan weekly or monthly in just a few minutes using your phone, iPad or laptop. Assign meals to a specific week for flexibility or to specific days for more organization.

Step 1. Review Your Recipe Bank

The sorting and viewing features make it easy to locate your favorite recipes for your meal plan. You can't do that in Excel or Google Sheets!

3. Enjoy Cooking & Baking!

Review your meal plan via the calendar or list views. When you're ready to cook, you've got your favorite online and hard copy recipes at the tip of your fingers!

With This Tool You'll *Finally* Be Able to...

  • Organize your online and hard copy recipes in one convenient place,
    so you can stop wasting precious time searching for recipes you know you have...somewhere.
  • Create meal plans using your favorite recipes in just a few minutes a week,
    so you can stop stressing about what to make for dinner and spend more time on what you actually enjoy.
  • Access your recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists from your phone, iPad or laptop,
    so you can easily stick to your ideal meal plan!

This tool puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you quickly and easily create custom meal plans that fit your busy lifestyle, diet & tastes!

Take a Look Inside! 👇

Easy to get started, easy to stick with.

I’ve done all of the hard work of formatting and designing the recipe bank, meal planning, and grocery list templates for Airtable, and I teach you everything you need to know to get set up and start using the system -- so all you have to do is follow the video tutorial and start meal planning.

And because it’s based in the cloud, it’s accessible wherever you are. So you can easily access your meal plan, recipes, and grocery list anywhere, anytime.

Built in Airtable – so you already know how to use it.

It combines the best features of a spreadsheet with extras that make meal planning super easy!

 Designed to actually be used – by anyone.

Detailed Instructions.

I've included a video tutorial showing you how to get set up, as well as the simple meal planning routine I've used week after week for 3+ years.

Customizable Features.

I've made it simple and easy to get started -- then, when you're ready, you can choose which additional features and customizations to "unhide" to make the tool even more powerful.

Access on All Devices.

Create your meal plan, access your recipes, and check your grocery list on your phone, iPad or laptop.

One-time purchase.

No subscription required.

Only $47 $37!

I'm Obsessed!

I am OBSESSED with this meal planning system. I was a little nervous about using Airtable at first, but I found it incredibly easy to get started with the template Cate provided. And the video tutorials were super helpful as well!

I'm actually looking forward to my meal planning each week because having a system for having all my recipes in one place while ALSO being able to do my meal planning there is a game-changer for me.

The first time I used Cate's system, I populated a bunch of the template and made my first meal plan in about 15 minutes. As I keep adding to it, it's taking me even less time.

This system is going to be my ticket to easier meal planning for years to come (and I've never said that about meal planning before)!

-Hayley, Stick-with-It Meal Planning System Customer

Makes Meal Planning Fun!

Cate’s Stick-with-It Meal Planning System is definitely a meal planning strategy essentially anyone can stick with.

Her instructions make setting up your system easy, and it is well worth the investment. It actually makes meal planning fun, something I look forward to now instead of dreading.

And don’t think it’s over-complicated because it’s an Airtable template -- because it’s not at all.

You can make this system flexible and personalize it to fit your family’s needs, and make it easy to stick with meal planning instead of giving up.

I would definitely get the Stick-with-It Meal Planning System again! It’s made planning meals so much easier.

-Heather, Stick-with-It Meal Planning System Customer

I love Cate's Stick With It Meal Planning system!

As a nutrition coach, the very first habit I encourage is meal planning. Meal planning not only helps with creating healthy meals, it saves time and money once you create a meal planning habit.  If you’re on the fence, don’t wait, jump!  This system will get you started and save you hours, money and if you are into it, help you get healthy!

~Coach Michelle,
Stick-with-It Meal Planning System Customer

Who is the Stick-With-It Meal Planning System for?

This is for you, if you want to...

  • Create meal plans using your favorite recipes
  • Use the free Airtable platform
  • Stop spending money on monthly fees or memberships
  • Organize your online and hard copy recipes in one place
  • Make eating healthier dinners at home easy and stress-free
  • Make meal planning fun (instead of a dreaded chore)
  • Save time, money, and stress

This isn't for you if...

  • You want someone to meal plan for you
  • You prefer to only use pen & paper
  • You primarily use delivered meal kits


Do you explain how to use the system?

Yes! You'll get a 25-minute video tutorial that shows you how to use and make the most of the template and shares my meal planning strategy, tips, and hacks.

What if I don't already use Airtable?

No problem! I show you how to create a free Airtable account and start using the Stick-With-It Meal Planning System. I've set everything up to make it as easy as possible.

If Airtable is free, what am I paying for?

The Airtable platform is free to use. What you're purchasing is the template I've created and perfected over a couple years of using it myself every day. Airtable has paid options but you don't need them to use this template.

Do I have to type in all of my recipes?

No! You can add a URL to an online recipe, upload a PDF, copy and paste the recipe or simply note where the recipe is located in a cook book or recipe binder.

I'm Converted!

Cate’s detailed instructions on how to use Airtable and her system within Airtable were so thorough and straightforward, I am converted.

I am now confident I made the right choice to go with the Stick with it Meal Planning System. My meal choices are now all in one place, I love all the options available for viewing the actual plan whether it’s a week or a month, the fact I can enter my recipes as a URL, upload a PDF or enter a recipe book name with page number.

The system makes it so easy for me to keep all our favourite recipes in one place, plan for a week or a month, my grocery list and I love that I can also use it for special occasions and holiday meal planning also…No more racing around looking for those holiday recipes, they are all in my meal planning system.

Thanks, Cate, this makes my meal planning life so much easier.

- Jeanine, Stick-with-It Meal Planning System Customer

My Meal Planning Just Got Easier! 

The Stick-With-It Meal Planning System is a game changer!  

It’s such a complete and thoughtfully designed system!! Cate has thought of everything and I love all the options this system has!  

My meal planning just got easier and way more organized! 

- Kristin, Stick-with-It Meal Planning System Customer



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