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Best Travel Scarf with Pockets (aka Passport Scarf) for 2021

When you’re traveling, sometimes you want to carry everything in a backpack or travel purse. Other times, you’d rather keep certain items close to you, whether out of safety concerns or because you’d simply rather not carry a purse or bag.

You could wear a money belt — but money belts can get bulky, make you sweaty, and feel uncomfortable under your clothes. And it’s not easy to fit (or access) your phone when it’s stuffed into a money belt.

Enter the hidden pocket scarf!

It’s the perfect type of neck scarf for travel because it’s stylish and practical.

In this guide, I show you the best scarves for 2021. My goal is to help you choose the best infinity scarf with a hidden pocket for your fashion and travel style.

What are the Benefits of a Travel Scarf with Hidden Pocket?

  • Your most valuable items are completely hidden, which keeps them safe.
  • No more worrying about pick-pockets.
  • Keeps your hands free.
  • Easily store cash, lipstick, credit cards, phone, keys, passport, and more.
  • The infinity scarf design ensures that your scarf won’t accidentally fall off, so you won’t lose anything important.
  • You can adjust your secret pocket scarf so that the zippered pocket is exactly where you want it, both for comfort and safety.
  • It’s the best kind of scarf for travel — or while running errands, walking the dog or hiking at home!

How to Choose the Best Traveling Scarf with Zipper Pocket?

These types of scarves come in so many different fabrics, colors, and designs that it can be difficult to choose which one (or two!) is best for your upcoming trip. Here are 4 questions to consider before you buy your travel scarf:

1. What season are you traveling in? What will the weather be like?
Hidden pocket scarves come in both heavier weight material for colder temps and light weight material for warmer weather and indoor wear.

2. What style of clothes are you packing?
Do you want a neutral scarf that will go with everything? Or would you prefer a bright color or bold pattern that will stand out?

3. What do you want to carry in your passport scarf?
If you want to carry just a few things, such as an emergency credit card and some cash, you might prefer a light weight scarf. If, however, you plan to stash several items in your scarf or heavier things like a phone or small camera, you may want to opt for a more substantial scarf. If you don’t over stuff the pocket the scarf will drape nicely and completely hide the secret pocket.

4. How much do you want to spend?
Fortunately, there’s a travel infinity scarf for every budget!

What Should You Carry in Your Pocket Scarf?

You probably don’t want to carry all of these items in your scarf at one time, but this gives you an idea of the things you could hide in your pocket scarf:

  • Credit card(s)
  • ID card
  • Cash
  • Passport
  • Phone
  • Key(s)
  • Lipstick
  • Pocket journal
  • Pen
  • Medication
  • Earbuds
  • Mints or cough drops
  • Tickets
  • Transit pass
  • Postcards
  • Souvenirs
  • Sunglasses

Are Infinity Scarves for Women Only?

No! Everyone can benefit from wearing a scarf with a hidden zipper pocket while traveling!

Are Hidden Pocket Scarves Only for Winter Travel?

Nope! You can definitely find thicker, heavier, warmer scarves with secret pockets that are perfect for traveling in cold weather. But there are also many lighter weight pocket scarves that keep your items safe and keep you comfortable in warmer weather.

How Do You Wear an Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket?

You wear an infinity scarf with a pocket the way you’d wear any other infinity scarf. Most infinity scarves will wrap around you twice. With some scarves you can wrap it around you once and use the rest of the scarf to cover your head. I highly recommend trying out your scarf before you travel so you can figure out exactly what you like carrying in the pocket and exactly how you prefer to wear it.

Best Travel Scarf with Pockets (aka Passport Scarf) for 2019

#1 – Multicolor Triangle Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

This gorgeous cotton Pierron & Co scarf is 10 inches wide and 65 inches long, which is long enough to comfortably wrap around you twice. The secret pocket is 7.5 X 6.5. If you need to wash it while traveling, you can easily hand wash it in the sink and let it air dry.

Pro: high quality fabric and construction, hand washable
Con: not machine washable

Click here to check the current price!

#2 – Kinvara Infinity Scarf with Zippered Secret Pocket

Cute black and white infinity scarf with secret pocket (size: 7.5″X 6.5″). Made from cotton, this 10 x 60 inch Pierron & Co scarf will wrap around you twice and drape beautifully. You can arrange items in the secret pocket so that they’re completely and safely hidden. Excellent quality. Great for cooler weather. Won’t feel heavy around your neck. The neutral black and white will go with everything!

Pro: excellent quality, neutral color
Con: not machine washable

Click here to check the current price!

#3 – Olive Rib Knit Infinity Scarf with Pocket

Pretty rib knit Pierron & Co cotton scarf with discrete pocket that you’ll want to wear while traveling and at home. Size: 10 x 66 inches. Well made using high quality fabric. Great for fall travel. Also comes in red and black.

Pro: rib knit texture, excellent quality fabric
Con: not machine washable

Click here to check the current price!

#4 – Mustard Half-Moon Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Looking for a brightly colored cotton scarf that will get complements? Take a look at this adorable mustard and white half-moon scarf from Pierron & Co! This high quality scarf will wrap around twice comfortably and drape nicely on your chest, even with your phone in the secret pocket.

Pro: bright color, high quality construction
Con: not machine washable

Click here to check the current price!

#5 – Navy and Turquoise Ripples Infinity Scarf with Secret Pocket

Stylish scarf that’s also skillfully made with attention to detail. This Pierron & Co scarf will keep your priority items secure and for many trips!

Pro: beautiful, quality design
Con: not machine washable

Click here to check the current price!

#6 – Handmade Check Flannel Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

This gorgeous handmade scarf is made from soft yet durable flannel fabric and has a 9 inch zipper pocket that’s big enough to fit an iPhone, passport, keys, and some cash – even a small camera! – without becoming bulky or looking clunky. Wear it with the pocket facing in or out. There’s even an eyelet for your earbuds! 

Pro: good sized pocket, works in various climates (except high summer) 
Con: pocket may be too big if you only want to carry a couple small items

Click here to check the current price!

#7 – Lightweight Heathered Secret Pocket Scarf

This heathered scarf is lightweight, comes in several colors, and works great for most seasons. You can wrap it around you twice or wrap it once so you can cover your head. Since this scarf is a lighter weight, it may sag a bit if you carry something heavy like a phone or key chain.

Pros: great for warmer weather travel or lots of indoors wear
Cons: not ideal for carrying heavy items

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#8 – Winter Zipper Pocket Scarf

If you’re looking for a great winter scarf, check this one out! Not only is the thicker fabric better for colder weather, it has a larger pocket than other scarves. Even though this scarf is thicker than others, it still drapes well, even with items in the pocket.

Pros: perfect for winter, large pocket, drapes well with heavier items
Cons: not for warm weather travel

Click here to check the price!

#9 – Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf

This soft microfleece scarf is a little different than the others because it’s not an infinity scarf! It has two pockets, both with zipper closure, one being for your phone, the other for cash, cards, lipstick, passport, etc. The phone pocket has a clear window pocket so you can see and use your phone while keeping it safely tucked away in your scarf. There’s even a back camera lens so you can take photos without removing your phone from the phone pocket! The fabric won’t pill and is a great vegan alternative to wool. This scarf comes in several colors.

Pros: vegan, two zippered pockets, great for winter travel, keeps phone protected but usable in rainy weather
Cons: solid colors only, not as stylish as other scarves, your phone is visible to others

 Click here to check the price!

One more thing…

I’m totally eyeing this travel blanket scarf for my next trip! There’s no secret zipper pouch, unfortunately, but you can use it in several ways – as travel wrap scarf (perfect for sight-seeing), a travel scarf blanket (perfect for on the plane) or a travel shawl (perfect for nights out). Made from super soft micromodal fabric, this scarf wrap comes in several colors, and you can hand or machine wash.

Click here to check the price!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.