Planning a culinary vacation to Europe?

Looking for easy and delicious globally-inspired dessert recipes?

You’re in the right place! Hi, I’m Cate, a former “expat” with a life-long global heart and a huge sweet tooth.

If you like travel and sweet treats, you’ll love the International Desserts Blog! I share my best travel tips and experiences, cultural insights, and delicious recipes.

Cate in the Netherlands

I’m smiling because I’d just had a really good Dutch apple pastry.
And who doesn’t love oversized Dutch clogs? 🙂

Whether it’s German quark cheesecake, English scones slathered in jam and clotted cream or a simple bowl of fresh berries with a sprinkling of vanilla sugar, I love dessert.

I also love to travel and do so as often as I can. I’ve spent the most time in Europe – I lived in Germany for some of my teens and 20s (and then taught German in the US for several years). My work in international education has taken me to  South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia, and around North America. My husband is my favorite travel partner but I’m also perfectly happy to grab my backpack and hit the road solo a couple times a year.

When I travel, I love exploring the local culture through food, especially a country’s sweet treats. When I’m not traveling, I feed my global heart by recreating scrumptious international desserts in my own little kitchen in North Carolina.

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