Hello and welcome to IDB, where bakers travel the world from their kitchen, and travelers plan delicious trips to Europe.

Here you can satisfy your sweet tooth and feed your wanderlust at the same time.

What you’ll find on IDB:

1. Global dessert recipes that look and taste amazing but are easy to make from scratch and use simple whole(some) ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

2. Travel info, itineraries, hacks, and tips for Europe (especially Germany). If you’re a solo or couples traveler who appreciates affordable luxury (meaning, you have a budget but you splurge on the important things), food, and authentic cultural experiences, you’ll love the IDB.

Baking and traveling are my two favorites pastimes, and I’m thrilled that you’re joining me on this sweet adventure.

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About Me

Yes, those are real candles and that's real icing on my cake hat!

When I travel, I love exploring the local culture through food, especially a country’s sweet treats. You can learn so much about a place by looking at how they use (or don’t use) sugar!

When not traveling, I feed my global heart by making travel-inspired desserts in my adopted home state of North Carolina, USA.

After growing up in Oregon, I spent some of my teens and 20s living, studying, and then working in Germany, taking epic train trips all over Europe (like Germany to Greece and back), and making cake hats with real icing and candles for parties. 😀 It was a really exciting and fun time in my life.

Since then, my 20+ year international education career has taken me to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia, and all over North America.  It’s been a pretty sweet career.

My husband, Aaron, has been my favorite travel partner for over 20 years. I was pretty sure Aaron was the one about an hour after meeting him at a random grad school party, but I knew for sure when, a year into our relationship, I said hey, how about you quit your job, so we can go traveling around Europe and then move to another state? and he didn’t think I was totally crazy. In fact, he said ok! (and we did it again a few years later). I’d travel anywhere in the world with him but I’m also perfectly happy to grab my backpack and hit the road solo when he can’t or doesn’t want to go with me.

I’m a total late-bloomer when it comes to baking. Besides cakes in my Easy Bake Oven and the odd batch of chocolate chip cookies, I rarely baked while growing up. In fact, I rejected all things domestic until my 30s.

It was in grad school (studying German) when I decided I needed a hobby that didn’t involve highlighting things in books or analyzing data. Inspired by the beautiful birthday cakes my mom made my family while growing up, I took a cake decorating class.

That’s when I discovered how much I enjoy making and sharing sweet treats. These days I love cooking and baking, spend a lot of time comparing baking sheets on Amazon, and have gotten pretty good at all things domestic, much to my surprise! These days I appreciate a well stocked and organized kitchen as much as a well-packed carry-on. 😀

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I’ve also contributed to sites such as The Sweet Wanderlust, A Social Nomad, Passing Thru, Arzo Travels, and many more.

Interested in working with me? I’d love to!

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